Johannes Schickling

Hi, I’m Johannes – a builder, speaker and music fan from Germany.

I’m currently building Overtone, a local-first music app that unifies your music library across various streaming services (Spotify, Youtube, ...) and personal collections.

I love the craft of software engineering and try to share my learnings. Previously, I founded Prisma with the goal to make working with databases easier for developers. These days I’m contributing to Effect.

I also enjoy helping founders on their journeys building developer-focussed products and companies.

2021 – Present
I’m building a new music client called Overtone which brings all your music (e.g. from Spotify, Bandcamp, Dropbox, ...) into a single, high-quality app.
2016 – Present
Prisma is a modern database toolkit to query, migrate and model your database.
2014 – 2016
Optonaut was a smartphone-based VR app to record, view and share stereoscopic 360° videos.